Beckles & Associates - Full Service Experts in Optical and Digital Media
Beckles & Associates, Inc.  offers the highest quality CD Replication and Duplication for CD, CD-ROM, and  CD-Audio replication available in the industry today.

Graphic Design

Beckles & Associates, Inc. offers a full service Graphic Design Department. Utilizing all the latest in design software and hardware, we will develop a design concept to meet your unique needs. We can also help you polish and update your existing designs or consult with you about your concept and develop your ideas into a finished product.

Beckles & Associates, Inc. is a nationally known provider of optical media, digital multi-media, and DVD design solutions that answer a company’s media product needs from CD, Blu ray, DVD packaging, custom printing, and eco packaging. We started when videos were produced on tapes, and have helped our clients’ transition to digital – CD, DVD and Blu-ray®.

Multimedia Design and Packaging

One of our fastest growing specialties is the production of multimedia kits and packaging for educational, corporate, motivational, evangelical, and direct response campaigns. With eye catching designs these products have multiple components that require exact color coordination and perfect assembly. Our graphic, multimedia and packaging design options include, but are not limited to, the following: digi-pak, digi-star, DVD wallets, CD wallets, brochures, catalogs, binders, books, brand identity projects, advertising pieces, tradeshow design, books, booklets, and other needs as required.

Please call us at 770-217-0091 or email us if we can assist you with your design needs.