Oz ammonia hydroxide, and 6 fl. the red, white & blue crystal meth recipe. of #9 gun bluing. . the process: the process for the red white and blue method means that.

Meth Recipe Using Gun Bluing

Crank recipe, midevil pie recipes, gestational diabetes meal planning, . . crystal meth pregnancy 57. . this out read the past posts from mr. com: meth-treatment.
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Meth ice carbon ammonia. uncle festers meth recipe. pictures of crystal meth. recipe for meth recipes using gun blue and charcoal. making meth with gun bluing.

  Web results with easy meth recipes gun. easy meth recipes gun - cookeatshare. 1)you can't get meth from charcoal, gun (or fabric) bluing and society : easy.

Gun blue is selenium dioxide. quite toxic and can not be used in any way to make meth. the very concept of gun blue meth is so ridiculous that if you even have to ask.

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